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Formula Chemicals
  • Formula Chemicals
  • Disrupt the industry purchasing process, moving from a complex and tedious offline process to instant ecommerce
  • Ardsley, New York


Formula Chemicals is a worldwide supplier of specialty chemicals to the coating, ink, plastics and electronics industries. Started in Taiwan in 2011, Formula Chemicals established offices in the U.S. to expand their reach. The industry, however, has been held captive by a complex and an outdated offline purchasing process with long lead times. Formula Chemicals partnered with Weidenhammer to move purchasing into the 21st century to an immediate and intuitive e-commerce process. Because this was an industry first, we were breaking new ground.


Weidenhammer’s creative services and Magento consultants helped Formula Chemicals multiply and expand their ability to receive and fulfill orders from around the world. The innovative solution will save Formula Chemicals weeks to as much as months’ worth of time over the old, outdated manual purchasing methods.

  • Design new corporate logo for Formula Chemicals
  • Create new corporate assets including a web style guide and color palette
  • Select and supply lifestyle imagery and product photography
  • Implement a Magento Commerce Cloud website leveraging Magento’s B2B package
  • Leverage Veem and XPO to handle international bank transfers and complex fill container shipping calculations
  • Rebuild and refine Formula Chemical’s business model
  • Launch a Magento Commerce Cloud website for industrial purchasers worldwide
  • Create updated system architecture which allows for log in, product viewing, downloading technical specs, requesting samples, purchasing chemicals and more