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American Bank
  • American Bank
  • Interactive Website
  • Allentown, Pennsylvania


Our first commission through AMBK was to design and develop a simple, clean, and elegant website. The website acts as the cornerstone for all of American Bank’s marketing efforts.

After months of research, strategy, design, development, and third party integration, we launched a beautiful new website.

Since launch, our teams have continued to collaborate with AMBK. We continually update the site to create an optimal user experience.

Attention to detail and vigilance are the keys to success in any web project. AMBK is a prime example of how to do things right.

AMBK worked closely and tirelessly with us throughout the process.

Mary Hodrick | Director of Marketing


In the design world, things aren’t usually as easy as they seem. AfterEach image is strategically placed and often manipulated far more than anyone would imagine.


In addition to our web collaboration, we also produced a short marketing video. The video has been used for direct digital marketing, awards ceremonies, and on The video showcases many of the advantages of working with AMBK. Attention was given to conveying the level of personal attention one receives when working with their dedicated and caring staff.

We enjoyed every moment spent with American Bank!