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What Can We Do For You?

Weidenhammer is a nationally recognized strategy, marketing, and technology consulting firm focused on driving measurable results in improved customer experience, workforce productivity, and operational efficiency. Possessing a wide range of consulting, design, development, and engineering expertise – along with “best in class” technologies, and strategic partnerships with industry-leading organizations, Weidenhammer has helped thousands of companies to innovate and succeed in a digital world.

Application Development

Our team brings you a long legacy of custom design, development and support of applications, fueled by collaboration. Our custom solutions are always highly intuitive, delivering the highest degree of functionality and innovation across all applications, platforms and devices. We’re driven to help keep you competitive and profitable.

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Weidenhammer makes collaborating achievable for medium-sized businesses. First and foremost, we listen. Then, we work with you on strategy and architecture, design and procurement, and support and management to meet your business goals.

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Your business is unique. The technology solutions you choose for your business should support your unique business objectives. At Weidenhammer, we start by learning your business—and then use our extensive technology expertise to help your business thrive.

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Data Center

Find the Right IT Solutions to Work Faster and Smarter Your company’s IT needs are widely varied and touch nearly every aspect of each employee’s workflow. Weidenhammer has expertise across the entire process, including servers, storage, software, hyperconvergence, virtualization, managed services, cloud, backup and recovery, and software solutions. Weidenhammer looks…

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Data Analytics

There’s a goldmine of intelligence hidden in your data. Weidenhammer can extract it, analyze it and help you use it to your strategic advantage. We begin with expert consultation then take a deep dive into your data, delivering insights that are predictive and transformative.

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Every business is different. So why should you expect an off-the-shelf eCommerce solution to work perfectly for your business? We are 100% Magento 2 certified and BigCommerce certified, so we can easily create the specific functionality you need with a minimum of custom code. We use the expertise of our entire team to make sure your eCommerce platform has all the power, flexibility and specific functionality your business needs.

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Marketing Services

Your business needs marketing for today’s digital world. We blend our knowledge and expertise of all things digital with our focus on your customer and the needs of your business.

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Networking technology is changing at remarkable speed. To take advantage of the advanced capabilities of network solutions can be challenging for business leaders.  At Weidenhammer, we don’t just build a network for today. We leverage today’s top technology to design an intelligent network that can react and change to the performance demands you’ll place on it tomorrow.

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The best security strategy addresses potential threats before they pose a threat to your organization. At Weidenhammer, we’ll help you better understand risk, address potential threats in advance, and safeguard customer data wherever it is stored or however it is accessed.

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