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Who is Weidenhammer?

When Weidenhammer Systems Corporation first opened for business on February 15, 1978, we had a simple vision: assist organizations with the cost-effective implementation of their Information Technology systems. Our modus operandi was to minimize the hardship that would typically accompany the installation of new computer systems. To some it may seem ironic that in an industry which changes so rapidly, our vision then remains our vision now.

Although we began humbly with one office, today Weidenhammer maintains 4 office locations across the country. We are dedicated to our company’s growth and proud of the relationships we’ve forged with our clients through the years. In a world where relationships change quickly, we’re proud to say we have clients who have been with us for the majority of our 45 years in business. We thank them for their confidence in us and for entrusting us with their technology needs.

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Today Weidenhammer serves a wide variety of customers throughout North America—from confectionery companies and high-tech operations to financial services and educational institutions among others. We provide in-depth expertise in business consulting, information technology and creative services and deliver turn-key services and solutions. Our consultants deliver measurable results in the areas of improved customer experience, workforce productivity and operation efficiency. We also bring to the table unsurpassed master experience in consulting, design, development, and engineering knowledge. And, you can feel confident that we leverage the “best in class” cloud and digital platforms. Weidenhammer has helped thousands of companies to innovate and succeed in today’s digital world—now let us help you.

Our Mission

Weidenhammer’s team is relentless in our mission: to change the world by providing high quality services and solutions which drive business innovation and growth in today’s digital economy. We are guided by the application of our core values and hold ourselves responsible for upholding the following values demanded by our customers and peers:

  • Accountable
  • Agile
  • Collaborative
  • Engaged
  • Grateful
  • Innovative
  • Respectful
  • Responsive
  • Principled

These aren’t just words. They are guiding philosophies driving our business and yours. Weidenhammer is dedicated to leading our clients through the ever-evolving challenges of a digital world. Though we are information technology experts, we are so much more. We are developers, artists, consultants, network engineers and marketers. We are your partner.

Looking ahead, we see a bright future for our company and for technology. The coming years promise to be exciting and Weidenhammer will be there, as we have for the past 45 years, providing the most effective technology solutions which help businesses prosper and succeed.


As part of our efforts to be a good partner to the communities we serve, Weidenhammer has set two sustainability goals for the year to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations:

  • Weidenhammer will reduce the miles driven by team members on company business by 5% for the full year 2024 compared to the full year five years prior (2019).
  • Weidenhammer will reduce the kWh of electricity used in our business offices by 5% for the full year 2024 compared to the full year five years prior (2019).

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Sir Isaac Newton
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