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  • AllergyEats
  • Application Development
  • Boston, MA

Interactive Website

The team at Weidenhammer created a custom website platform to deliver the ultimate user experience, giving millions of people with food allergies a safe harbor to find allergy-friendly eateries. Recognizing that in this business, ratings are their gold, our team built an online platform with the power to integrate with popular online databases like OpenTable, giving consumers the ability to rate the allergy friendliness of a restaurant, and then book a table.

Mobile Platforms

Dynamically-driven platforms were developed so each user profile can feed into multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, web and mobile web for ease of accessibility.

Branding Refresh

The main challenge of the original AllergyEats logo is flexibility. While the logo is well executed, it contains a lot of graphic elements that become illegible at smaller sizes. The lack of one-color and horizontal variations hinder the ability of the logo to be used effectively on a website or on an embroidered shirt.

The brand new logo is the next step in AllergyEat’s evolution. Extraneous graphic elements like the plate and shadow have been removed to simplify the logo and to showcase the AllergyEats custom typography. The unique enclosure shape and the spoon remain as graphic elements that compliment the type. The simplicity of the logo allows it to remain legible at small sizes.

Allergy Eats Logos 3

Email Marketing

To engage the niche food allergy consumer, our team created custom automated digital solutions including welcome, reminder and update emails. Consumers eat it up.

Examples of email marketing

Custom Analytics

Analytics are built into platform so when consumers click, data beelines straight to participating restaurants.