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HandsFree Health
  • HandsFree Health
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The Weidenhammer Team created a logo and brand that reflects a groundbreaking, voice-controlled health support system. Based on sound waves and audio visualization, this brand beautifully illustrates the core aspects of its parent company.

HandsFree Health Brand Mockup

Website Design and Development

We also developed a website to showcase Wellbe® — the company’s flagship product, while introducing the HandsFree Health brand and creating an experience that takes the consumer through the features of the product with a dynamic layout, modern interface, and custom photography.


Our main priority was to capture dynamic photographs of Wellbe® while focusing on the health and usability aspects of the product.

Graphic Design

We were tasked with designing supporting items for the HandsFree Health brand — including pop-up banners for trade shows, as well as other items that fit within the company’s brand.


The packaging for Wellbe® is meant to attract consumers and inform them of the many features and benefits of the voice-activated health support system.

HandsFree Health WellBe Packaging