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Lehigh Valley International Airport
  • Lehigh Valley International Airport
  • Branding Campaign
  • Allentown, PA


Lehigh Valley International Airport was looking to place digital ads within a 60 mile radius of the airport to increase awareness, market nonstop destinations the airport serves, and promote the convenience and proximity to local cities using the tagline “Your Neighborhood Airport”.

The goal of the digital marketing campaign was to raise awareness and gain valuable insights about the customers the airport serves. The campaign would not actually book travel, since that task is handled by each individual airline that uses the airport.


Weidenhammer built a multi-channel digital marketing campaign that targeted potential travelers through the airport. The team created new digital advertising assets to use across digital display, search, social and partner placements (such as Google, Facebook and Instagram). Data was collected to better understand how customers interacted with the airport’s owned digital platforms. Prior to launching the campaign, target demographics were better defined. All ads and messaging was customized to best reach each key demographic. Digital marketing assets were later modified before the busy holiday season to target holiday travelers.

Weidenhammer placed tracking tools and gathered data to determine:

  • The success of each ad and key messaging in engaging customers.
  • What destination the user was most interested in.
  • Basic demographics about the audience.
  • How customers interacted with the website.

Weidenhammer created a detailed data reporting dashboard and updated the client with a bi-weekly report on the analytics and status of the overall campaign. As the campaign progressed, optimizations were made to ensure the highest levels of relevancy, engagement and overall performance of the digital assets.

ABE to MDW Destination Ad
ABE to MDW – Destination Ad
ABE to SRQ Destination Ad
ABE to SRQ – Destination Ad
ABE to SRQ Destination Ad 2
ABE to SRQ – Destination Ad
ABE Social Media
Social Media Stories


Through digital marketing efforts, Weidenhammer was able to engage a large number of potential travelers while gathering important insights. These insights will be invaluable in developing marketing efforts in future campaigns.

The 2019 9-month campaign achieved:

The campaign also achieved a targeted reach from within the 60-mile geo-targeted radius and a balanced distribution of ads across campaign types.

This digital marketing campaign reached the target audience in a massive way helped the team gain valuable insights to better understand the travelers who are interested in using the airport now and in the future.

“Weidenhammer helped us reach our target demographics by designing multiple campaigns and using different tactics. They were able to gather data on users interested in flying through ABE, how they engage with our digital platforms and utilize our website. Weidenhammer did a great job of planning our budget appropriately while receiving excellent results. The reporting dashboard they built specifically for ABE is an outstanding and user-friendly resource for us to pull data when needed. The team at Weidenhammer is great to work with and make digital marketing fun. We are very happy with the campaigns, resources and talent they have provided.”

Megan J. Verholy –  Manager, Sales and Marketing