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Herr Foods
  • Herr Foods
  • Security & compliance assessment, network discovery & documentation
  • Nottingham, PA


Herr Foods wanted to make sure its security and compliance standards were up to date with industry standards. They were determined to step up their game to secure their systems and adhere to security compliance rules – especially as a multinational business facing different rules by different countries.


Herr enlisted Weidenhammer’s technical and strategic consulting services to help evaluate its current security posture and compliance practices. Included in this evaluation were a review of Herr’s current internal and external vulnerabilities along with a review of its policies and practices in relation to current security standards such as NIST 800 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Based on our findings, we provided a comprehensive view to indicate what was working well and where Herr’s systems could use some focused attention. As part of this review, we created a 12-month roadmap that detailed actions the company should take to become more secure and compliant.


The evaluation of Herr’s security posture concluded with a step-by-step roadmap that made recommendations to improve processes and remediate vulnerabilities. Herr Foods also now has an incident response plan for cybersecurity incidents and is aligned with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Our partnership with Herr’s means they continue to focus on what they do best: making delicious snacks, while knowing that their security posture can support any challenges and follow state, federal, and international rules.