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Gertrude Hawk
  • Gertrude Hawk
  • Interactive Website and Rebranding
  • Dunmore, PA


With a company that has evolved over eight decades, technology and a strong digital experience has now become a focus to continue their success. Their previous website was built on an old complicated platform. They spent many years building and customizing their site to fit their needs. However, the needs of their business, like multiple systems integrations, responsive mobile interaction, and adaptive sales tax calculations based on a consumer’s location, exceeded the capabilities of their platform. This is when they turned to Weidenhammer.


Weidenhammer collaborated with Gertrude Hawk to run an audit on all of their site functions. This first step allowed both parties to assess what they had working and where the gaps in their process were. A collaborative effort was done for software selection

After consulting with Gertrude Hawk, Weidenhammer developed a comprehensive plan and executed on the following services.

eCommerce Site and Digital Marketing

  • Migration to multi-site Magento Cloud 2.3
  • Full software selection consultation for ShipperHQ, Shipstation, DotDigital, Braintree, and Vertex
  • Audited and created brand consistency with UX, graphics, and content
  • Complete creative refresh with new graphics, product photography, banners, and content
  • SEO development
  • Integration with ShipperHQ for accurate cart UX and rates for shipping perishable items
  • Integration with Shipstation to improve warehouse efficiency
  • Implementation of DotDigital for marketing automation
  • Integration with in-house Proviss OMS for fundraising order pick, pack, and ship
  • Manage all aspects of $13m school fundraising revenue through Magento – customer, organizer, and administrator features
  • Creation of triggered email campaigns and automated customer journeys


Increase in mobile traffic transactions

Since the migration to Magento 2, Gertrude Hawk has experienced thrilling results. With the use of marketing automation platform DotDigital, they had a 20% increase in open rate and a 66% increase in total followers. They were also able to see a 1,400% increase in their mobile conversion rate, which led to a 2,400% increase in transactions. Along with all these great numbers, Gertrude Hawk is now able to take advantage of new marketing features and capabilities like auto-generated abandoned cart notifications, data around consumer shopping habits, and customized product feeds within emails.

Explore their website and try one of their sweet creations.