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Anthony Cartolaro

Anthony Cartolaro is Weidenhammer’s Vice President of Hammer Tech. Anthony is responsible for the delivery of Weidenhammer’s diverse solutions that help organizations connect and interact with the technology needed to drive their business. Weidenhammer has the experience and talent to deliver Network Infrastructure Solutions, Professional Engineering Consulting, IT Management Consulting, Managed Services, and Cloud IT Solutions. Our solutions are seen as tools to help businesses drive efficiency, enhance collaboration and foster innovation, and improve on an organization’s security posture, all while ensuring our clients deliver a superior experience to their customers.

Anthony has over 20 Years of experience with Information Technology in various industries including for-profit enterprise, public education, and non-profit organizations. Anthony is a true Digital Disrupter at heart – he has a passion for helping organizations realize their organizational goals and potential. He is also an advocate for improving today’s student experience in public education by leveraging technology. Anthony is a member of the International Society for Technology in Education and serves on the Board of Directors for a Philadelphia area school that works with students with Educational, Emotional, and/or Cognitive disabilities. Anthony is also a member of the Harvard Square Leadership Excellent Club and a number of regional Senior Executive Groups and organizations.