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Using the Cloud to Improve Productivity

Weidenhammer’s Software-as-a-Service solutions are simple in nature. Our goal is to provide each customer with a thorough and complete array of SaaS needs that are affordable and quick to deploy. Weidenhammer’s SaaS customers are able to avoid hardware/infrastructure installment and upgrade costs, thereby enabling expenditures to go towards improving their core business.

Hosted Messaging Collaboration Solutions

Weidenhammer’s Hosted Messaging and Collaboration solutions help businesses communicate better with their peers and customers, and they increase employee productivity.

Benefits of our Hosted Messaging and Collaboration solutions include:

  • No software to purchase
  • No hardware to purchase
  • Exceptionally fast deployment
  • Easy administration

Weidenhammer partners with best-of-breed SaaS providers meeting compliance and regulatory requirements of industry, along with accredited data center acknowledgements and certifications.

Multipoint Security Solutions

Weidenhammer partners with a best-in-class security solution provider and eliminates the limitations, costs and complexities associated with using multiple point solutions for disaster recovery, backup, archiving and business continuity.

Recent industry trends and developments have once again put the security at the forefront of concern. At Weidenhammer, we develop an impenetrable defense for all of your SaaS needs, including E-mail Encryption and Web Defense, E-mail Defense, Online Backup and Restore and Mobile Device Management.

Weidenhammer’s security solutions eliminate the limitations, costs and complexities associated with using multi-point solutions for asset protection. Our solutions are crafted to create the best defense against internal and external threats. Service offerings include: e-mail encryption, e-mail defense, malware defense, mobile device management, and threat monitoring services.

E-mail Encryption and Web Defense

Your information is your business. Weidenhammer’s job is to protect your information from falling into the wrong hands while ensuring economic control over unauthorized, unproductive workplace Internet access.
Our SaaS E-mail Encryption and Web Defense solution offers effective perimeter protection that helps to boost bottom line savings through the following benefits:

  • Limit corporate liability
  • Lower IT costs through the removal of malware
  • Increase network capacity
  • Employee fraud protection

E-mail Defense

Spam, viruses, worms and phishing threats, your e-mail is under constant attack from a wide array of dangerous activity that can hijack your organization’s productivity.

Weidenhammer utilizes the most sophisticated threat protection in the industry to block potential threats outside the network, further distancing your organization from these harmful and efficiency-destroying acts.
Specific characteristics of Weidenhammer’s E-mail Defense solution include:

  • Simple, effortless activation
  • Free up IT resources and reduce costs
  • Integrate network perimeter email protection
  • Safeguard the integrity of business communications
  • Increase employee productivity and control
  • Implement effortless email filtering policy-setting including group policies
  • Benefit from around-the-clock protection
  • Protect against information loss and business disruption with our disaster recovery services

Online Backup and Restore

Weidenhammer’s Online Backup and Restore solutions are a crucial piece of any security puzzle. However, that does not mean they’re difficult to implement or maintain. With just a couple of clicks, you can spin up your entire office infrastructure and have complete access to all of your data and applications securely in the Cloud. Whether you use Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, MS SQL-based applications, or any other on-premise system, Weidenhammer offers the complete toolset for best-in-class automated backup technology.

Multi-Device Management

In today’s world of smartphones and tablets, many tend to believe management of an entire multi-device computing environment is likely convoluted and extremely difficult. However, based on the fact Weidenhammer is a complete IT solutions organization and possesses the top technology minds in the business, we have solutions to visualize your entire multi-device computing environment. Our multi-device programs offer the ability to:

  • Manage users, devices, documents and applications across a wide-range of devices
  • Secure corporate data and enforce compliance
  • Deploy in an electrifying quick manner, permitting fast enrollment and therefore, producing immediate results

The question isn’t can you afford to implement a Multi-Device Management platform, it’s can you afford not to?

Hosted VoIP

Weidenhammer’s VoIP solutions feature flexible, full-featured and significantly less-expensive offerings than utilizing traditional telephone service providers. We provide consulting and technical expertise in the design, implementation and support of our Hosted VoIP solutions. More specifically, our engineers are experts in the following areas:

  • Voice
  • Security
  • Wireless
  • Network management
  • Collaboration
  • Video
  • Presence

Weidenhammer has extensive experience supporting mission-critical data networks and, combined with our knowledge of IP Communications, we are able to leverage and access all the tangible benefits, while still ensuring your network is properly designed to provide optimal performance and reliability.

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