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WordCamp Philly 2020

In 2020 Weidenhammer will be a Gold Sponsor for the 9th WordCamp Philly, the premiere WordPress-related conference in Philadelphia. They have been in many locations over the years, from Temple University to the University of the Arts, to the University of the Sciences, to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. This year, you can join us from the comfort of your living room.

What’s at WordCamp Philly?

WordCamp Philly will feature more than just traditional talks and slides. We are anticipating an online celebratory event with panel discussions, how-to learning opportunities, presentations, a virtual assistance Happiness Bar, interactive sponsor rooms, networking opportunities, job boards, and more.

WordCamp Philly has always been one of the most affordable tech conferences you can attend. This year, it’s even more affordable as the tickets are FREE. Yes, you read that correctly, the tickets are free!

Who goes to WordCamp?

Anyone with an interest in WordPress, a CMS, or websites.

You belong at WordCamp Philly. We are a diverse and inclusive group of WordPress enthusiasts. Beginners, long-time devotees, and everyone in between are welcome. Attendees include:

  • Content creators
  • Web developers
  • Designers
  • Business owners
  • Hobbyists
  • Freelancers
  • SEO experts
  • Administrators for non-profits and educational institutions
  • Students

You’ll meet content specialists, systems administrators, accessibility experts, SEO consultants, analytics whizzes, and more.

Who goes to WordCamp Philly? We hope it will be you!

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