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Windsor Advantage
  • Windsor Advantage
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Indianapolis, Chicago, and Charleston


Similar to our client Member Benefits Financial Services (MBFS), Windsor Advantage became inundated with PPP loan records in the summer of 2020. Due to limitations of the legacy software system, Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) represented a significantly more efficient and cost-effective option for getting these records in their core Lending platform.

Our RPA solution handles the added volume of PPP1, and PPP2 in the early winter months of 2021. In March 2021, Windsor signed a major new client with nearly 200,000 loan records to be onboarded. Windsor was also entertaining several other customers with large batches of loans (tens of thousands each). Scaling its operations to quickly service such clients would be problematic, even with our original RPA solution in place.


In addition to tuning the solution to account for changes in the workflow, we also agreed that for the volume they were faced with that it made sense to explore running multiple bots simultaneously for Windsor. Through a series of POC’s we eventually implemented 5 bots running simultaneously to implement loan records.

While implementing multiple bots to complete a task more quickly is a fairly standard RPA use-case, in the case of Windsor we were inhibited by the limitations of their legacy system as well as network connectivity requirements. Even with processing times slowed, we have still been able to achieve strong results running multiple bots simultaneously. Eventually, Windsor was able to successfully procure a clean instance of its core system and database, which freed our 5 bots up to process records at a faster pace – 640 loans per bot per day, or 3200 total per day.


Loans Processed Per Day

When it was all said and done, these RPA solutions helped Windsor to effectively and quickly scale its operations to take on new business. Their newfound agility and scalability have actually since enabled some of their larger customers to take on more business themselves as well, which in turn has meant more business for Windsor. The time, labor, and capital-intensive alternative of staffing up to address this sort of manual process have been proven obsolete.

Much like all other RPA engagements, the benefits are speed, accuracy, reduced risk, and the avoidance of dedicating staff to complete a non-strategic task.

Hammer’s RPA solution was a gamechanger. It helped us to address an immediate issue, but it also opened our eyes. RPA has enabled us to scale our operations in ways we never thought were possible, allowing us to sign more business, better serve our customers, and increase profitability. The Hammer Team has expertly helped Windsor to navigate these unchartered waters – I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Leonard Ray, COO