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Reading Area Community College
  • Reading Area Community College
  • Design a reliable, redundant internet platform
  • Reading, PA



Percentage of online courses at RACC.

Internet outages were becoming increasingly problematic. This led RACC to evaluate their current internet architecture and engage Weidenhammer as their partner. The objective was to design a reliable, redundant internet platform which ensures high availability and minimal disruption to students, faculty, staff and classes.


Working with RACC Weidenhammer was able to provide a solution that included:

  • Replacing the existing ASA 5525 firewall with Cisco 2130 next generation firewalls deployed in a single, high availability pair
  • Implementing Cisco’s Firepower security solution on the new firewalls
  • Deploying Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to exchange routing and reachability information among autonomous systems on the internet
  • Increasing the availability of their internet service—a key benefit for students who can now reach student online resources

…it was a pleasure working with Weidenhammer on the design and implementation of this solution. I have always found Weidenhammer’s engineers able to understand our challenges, design a solution to meet our needs and deliver on the implementation…

Anderson Forrest, CIO


Since a new internet solution has been developed and parameters defined, the results show

  • RACC now has a high availability internet solution designed to fit their needs
  • Redundant firewalls and system configuration allowing for primary and secondary internet providers with failover
  • Automatic funneling—when one service provider goes down, internet traffic is automatically funneled to the alternate service provider allowing for seamless productivity and connectivity
  • Uptime is increased for students, faculty and staff