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Why Weidenhammer Became a BigCommerce Partner

So why would Weidenhammer become a BigCommerce Partner? At Weidenhammer, we believe that no single technology platform serves the needs of all merchants. Competition is good for everyone, and fuels constant improvements and lower costs over time for our customers. 

Consultative Approach

Because we take a consultative approach to our business, whether that business is application development, security, or e-commerce – we believe it’s our obligation to be open to new solutions with you as we’re defining solutions to your requirements. Not all merchants need a hosted, customizable open-source platform to build their business on, and that’s why we chose to join the BigCommerce community in 2020. 


Software as a Service is not a new model for e-commerce platforms (remember Magento Go?) but we feel that the last few years have seen an incredible rise in the flexibility, performance, and sophistication in platforms like BigCommerce. The “Open SaaS” architecture of BigCommerce with its robust and performant API structure, growing ecosystem of partners, and world class support make it a solid option for many merchants, especially those who originally built their sites on Magento 1 years ago and who are now looking for a road ahead with the Magento 1 End of Life.  

WordPress Integration

BigCommerce also has a rock-solid WordPress integration, which is very near and dear to us as we join the elite WordPress VIP program and continue to support our WP clientele. “Headless commerce” with a WordPress front end is a winning combination for many merchants who need the flexibility of an open source CMS with a vast ecosystem, but who need a secure and performant shopping cart and checkout experience. 

We made the decision in late 2019 to invest in BigCommerce, and had a team of our experienced Magento developers and architects complete a wide array of BigCommerce certifications. This focus lead to Weidenhammer becoming officially BigCommerce certified.


 Now we have a skilled team in place with many successful e-commerce launches under their belt – with the added expertise to serve a new ecosystem. It’s 2020, and we’re excited to build on two of the world class platforms serving the e-commerce community! 

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