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Tips for Office 365 Successful Adoption

The successful adoption of any new technology, including Office 365, requires behavioral change. Change can be hard. It takes more than learning a new application. It is a fundamentally different way of working. This change is about people. Who can help me?

Why does adoption matter? 

The business landscape is changing.  Employees seek purpose and satisfaction.  Employers aim to harness worker ingenuity.  A diverse, multi-generational workforce can now work anytime, anywhere.  Success depends on your ability to collaborate and drive productivity within teams spread across the globe.  Microsoft 365 was created to meet these evolving business needs.  It will assist in optimizing productivity in today’s corporate landscape.

5 Tips to Successful Office 365 Adoption

  1. Develop a Clear Vision – Companies are most successful when they have a clearly defined vision and know how the new technology is to be used.
  2. Appoint Champions within your Organization – Champions evangelize and help train their teams on the new ways of working. They build awareness, understanding, and engagement throughout the community.
  3. Training – Weidenhammer uses multiple training formats to engage with employees across business units.
  4. Raise Awareness of Software Capabilities – Top performers use email, employee portals, posters, teaser videos, and newsletters to raise awareness.
  5. Measure Success – Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that should improve based on adopting various business scenarios.

Companies can improve their success when they have a clearly defined vision and know how their technology can be used.  Click here for more information of how Weidenhammer can help.