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Power Platforms 2022 Conference: What's Next?

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Chris Smith and Gunars Foldats of the Hammer Dev division after they traveled to the Microsoft Power Platforms Conference in Orlando, Florida. It was a packed event, with almost 4,000 people eager to hear the latest updates from Microsoft. Many of the breakout sessions were standing room only. Why the massive turnout? This was the first event that was entirely focused on Power Platform applications. 

As Chris and Gunars explain, some of the biggest announcements focused on the Power Up Skilling Program and the ability to co-author in Power Apps. The Power Up Program aims to assist people who have no experience in coding and the co-authoring in Apps would give users the option to edit a Power App together. 

Inside the breakout sessions, one discovered they were designed for everyone with different skillset levels. Chris and Gunars breakdown some of the most impressive and exciting discussions/demonstrations they witnessed.  

Watch the video below and hear analysis from two experts with more than twenty years of experience on the Microsoft Power Platforms Conference and how the announced developments could help power your organization into the next level.