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Modernizing the Digital Experience for a Cool Company

Our Hammer Marketing family welcomes SHI Cryogenics as our newest website refresh. SHI products are used directly (in or in the manufacturing of) many of the world’s medical, semiconductor, telecommunications, electronics, biochemical, vacuum-coated, custom laboratory equipment, and other industrial products. With an expansive catalog of products that rely on the latest cryogenic technologies (think really, really cold temperatures as low as -320 °F), they needed a website that matched their cutting-edge innovations.

A challenge for site visitors was that there were so many products and applications available, it was easy to get overwhelmed. The site navigation was unwieldy, and it was hard to match product to solution. Additionally, it wasn’t clear on how to get in touch with SHI Cryogenics. That’s when they reached out to Hammer Marketing. Our team jumped at the idea to build something for such an innovative company.

We developed a comprehensive Product Finder  to help users get recommendations for products and applications based on their needs. Alternatively, they could view the entire catalog at a glance to see the wide range of offerings from SHI Cryogenics. The ways in which a product can be used are listed clearly on each product page, and it is easier than ever to get in touch to learn more or make a purchase.

Image if product finder

We didn’t stop there. The team created a dynamic experience from beginning to end, which led us to increase the amount of imagery and visual elements. We wanted to give the user as much (or as little) information as possible to make an informed decision. And we wanted to make the site responsive regardless of device.

After eight years with the same website, we were overdue for a change. The Hammer Marketing team took the time to understand what we needed, answering our many questions along the way. The result was a brand-new site with a modern design and several new features, particularly the SHI Product Finder – an early hit with customers and employees alike. Overall, it was a great experience from start to finish.”

Sarah Mitchell, Marketing Communications Manager, SHI Cryogenics

Now it’s easier than ever to navigate the website, find solutions, and get in touch. SHI Cryogenics has a site that reflects their reputation as an industry leader and checks all their boxes – and then some. Check it out: