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Our team is growing! Say hi to Eric Gronwaldt!

Our agency continues to grow, and with that comes the opportunity to expand our team. With scaling in mind, Hammer Marketing made a hire that should quicken the pace of our growth. We are proud to introduce Eric Gronwaldt, our new Business Development Manager. Eric has joined our staff with an extensive background in biz-dev and marketing strategy. He brings with him a level of passion and energy that will serve current and future clients well. 

Eric started in the world of television as a cameraman, video editor, and promotions. His career took him to different locations all over the country and allowed him to rub elbows with television celebrities. Eric eventually transitioned into marketing/advertising sales. With more than 10 years of prior media experience to draw upon, it was an easy move for Eric from the production side to the marketing/sales side. Previously helping organizations such as Go Daddy, Comcast, and various newspaper outlets, he can offer to clients an inside view on how digital marketing operates and advise them on what services they will need to expand their reach to generate new opportunities. He is constantly looking at trends and forecasts to better anticipate the market and help customers. His methods have earned him awards and success in multiple media markets.  

When he isn’t busy wearing his marketing/prospecting hat, Eric is a loving family man. He helped deliver two of his four children and enjoys taking motorcycle trips with his wife and kids. If the weather permits, he likes to meet his friends out on the golf course for 18 holes. We hope we will get a chance to see his motorcycle parked at our Allentown office. More important, we are excited to have Eric bring his talents to our team and offer an award-winning perspective to help our clients and prospects reach their marketing goals.