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Functionality and Flair: How a Website Redesign Gave a Manufacturer Both

Hammer Marketing is proud to announce the redesign and launch of Acme Corrugated Box’s new website. The 100+ year old company specializes in made-to-order, and highly customized box production. As an existing digital marketing client, Acme Corrugated Box has voiced its website concerns often. An outdated design, a non-intuitive navigation process, and accessibility were a few of their major pain points with their site’s functionality.

In alignment with the team at Acme Corrugated Box our goal was to modernize the company’s site while adding a much-needed layer of functionality.

The first order of business was to work through the design. It was important to keep the branding of the generationally recognized company while updating the overall site design.

In order to make user experience a priority we created a new site map for the website where we consolidated and reorganized pages in a way that was intuitive and would increase usability. A clear user journey was mapped out and throughout the planning stage, the strategic design informed the overall build.

Additionally Hammer Marketing implemented consistent branding elements across the site, as well as introduced new aesthetic details to help strengthen the core Acme brand. To ensure easier site navigation for customers and prospects , the team created a clean navigation panel, consistent button styling throughout the site and highlighted the Acme Corrugated Box’s many service features. This strategic design flow stemmed from a deep dive into the customer journey.

“Our main goal was to modernize not only the Acme Corrugated website, but also the Acme Corrugated brand,” Kyle Huntzinger reflects.

Acme Corrugated Box has always had the latest and greatest technology in box-making, now they have a website that matches their innovation.

Providing a web facelift gives their users a streamlined user experience, easy-to-find information about the company, services, and products, as well as a great customer service tool.