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Celebrating Laura Mory’s Promotion to Director of Operations

Since joining Hammer Marketing in 2017, Laura Mory has become a valuable member of our team. Colleagues rely on her for professional support and operational magic to ensure projects run smoothly and on time. Clients rely on her to serve as their advocate, ultimately facilitating positive experiences with Hammer Marketing. With her experience, empathy, and expertise, Laura has become a key contributor to our agency’s culture of collaboration. Her promotion to Director of Operations was a clear pathway.

She came to us from Rodale, where she had spent 20 years as an Associate Director for Creative Services. After finding us through Google (our SEO skills are nothing if not expert-level!), she discovered she had a personal connection here. Through that connection, Laura learned more about the value Hammer Marketing places on work-life balance, our positive environment, and our collaborative nature. A short period later, she accepted our offer to join our team as Production Manager. 

From the very beginning, it was clear that Laura was a tremendous asset. We quickly discovered that she’s attuned to working with all kinds of people, which is an often overlooked, yet invaluable soft skill. For that reason, she has become a trusted resource for all the people on our team. She also gets fantastic reviews from her clients. In fact, clients love working with her so much that she’s one of the reasons many of them keep coming back.

Laura working with Jeremy to on a project

Laura attributes her ability to connect with others from her time working in Dorney Park’s guest relations office as a teenager. While there, her boss told her, “The first thing people want to hear is, ‘Wow, I would be upset if I were in your shoes.’” That empathy-first approach plays a key role in why she is such an essential member of our team for staff and clients alike, because she acknowledges what is being said and works to find a solution. 

For her, part of the joy in working at Hammer Marketing is working with different clients and handling different types of projects. With clients spanning the gamut from local businesses to national brands, there’s an extra sense of satisfaction when she sees work she’s played a hand in out in the wild, such as Gertrude Hawk’s candy at the mall or Reading Truck Bodies on the highway. She also finds it especially rewarding that her colleagues trust and respect her, as she feels her role is to make everyone’s life a little bit easier.  

Promoting Laura to Director of Operations was well deserved, and we’re delighted to make it official. In her elevated role, she will continue to support the ongoing growth of the organization, serve as an advocate for our clients, while balancing workloads and timelines for Hammer Marketing’s team members. Congratulations, Laura!