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Amplifying Covid-19 Vaccination Efforts with a New Website and Brand Identity

Hammer Marketing is proud to announce the launch of a new website for TEAM Vaccinate! A not-for-profit organization, TEAM Vaccinate is focused on engaging, elevating, planning, and promoting Covid-19 vaccine efforts in underserved communities.

As a new organization, TEAM Vaccinate needed a central hub of resources and information that could be scaled in line with their growth and outreach. They knew they wanted a site and brand identity that would be appealing, confident, and credible. It was our job to figure out how to make that happen for them.

In partnership with VerisVisalign, we identified TEAM Vaccinate’s key users, objectives, and long-term needs. Our collaborative approach led us to developing a website that was flexible, future-friendly, reflected TEAM Vaccinate’s updated mission, and highlighted their national Conquer Covid Conference

Having established the strategic direction of the website, Hammer Marketing’s next step was to create a brand presence that would amplify that voice. We knew we wanted TEAM Vaccinate’s identity to be accessible, dynamic, and engaging. By using illustrations that displayed the organization’s goals and initiatives visually, users could immediately understand TEAM Vaccinate’s priorities. We also introduced a new color palette and logo and selected typography that would complement the illustrative style of the website.

Hammer Marketing exceeded TEAM Vaccinate’s expectations. They delivered superior service, ahead of schedule, and with outstanding professionalism. I highly recommend Hammer to all who are in need of their services.”

Robert Houton, Founder, TEAM Vaccinate

As TEAM Vaccinate expands its outreach efforts and increases its partnerships, its site will be ready to grow with them. Visit their new site at