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Amazon Marketplace and Magento Commerce: The Right Pick for Amazon Sellers

Among the many exciting roadmap announcements for Adobe’s Magento Commerce platform is the collaboration between Amazon and Adobe. Amazon looks to provide sellers that have no online presence outside of the Amazon Marketplace an opportunity to build a best in class online experience directly tied to their marketplace using the Magento Commerce Cloud platform.

Weidenhammer was selected as one of the few Magento Partners to work on this specialized package. Weidenhammer VP of Digital Solutions, Dave Christy, noted in a recent statement ” Weidenhammer has long supported Magento as its only e-commerce platform solution for our customers and we are excited to offer this powerful solution from Amazon and Adobe called Branded Stores for Amazon Sellers. We are working hard to build a best-in-class experience for these Amazon Sellers.”

With the recent rise in consumers looking to shop direct, many Amazon merchants have quickly added social selling through Facebook and Instagram. Amazon hopes their merchants will also opt for the Magento Commerce package since it will provide the hub for social and Amazon Marketplace selling.

Biggest Impact Areas for Merchants

  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): Allows merchants of all sizes to compete with large enterprises by allowing Amazon to hold their inventory and fulfill orders directly from the plethora of Amazon warehouses across the US.
  • Increased Security: By using a Magento Commerce branded store as opposed to other options on the market for small online merchants, they can offer a fully secure experience complete with Amazon Pay and other methods.
  • Unparalleled Flexibility: Magento is a highly customizable platform with hundreds of agencies and tens of thousands of developers supporting it. Sellers taking advantage of this program will never be constrained by what the platform can’t do.
  • Scale and Speed: As the merchants’ global audience grows on Amazon, they will also see increased visits on their own branded Magento Commerce site, Magento Commerce built on AWS is a highly scalable solution that grows as the merchant grows, offering fast loading pages even during peak traffic times
  • Go to Market Faster: With this new partnership and the Magento Commerce branded stores, most merchants can be up and running in Magento under 2 months.

Checkout the full details of the Amazon and Adobe package on the Magento Commerce site, click here to visit!

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