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The Project

Build a product that enables a B2B business to reach out directly to consumers.

 About Quantum Postcards

Over thirty years and two generations of leadership, Quantum Digital has pioneered innovation in service to the real estate industry.  Founded on a trick to generate company logos with dot matrix printers, Quantum has since focused on providing direct mail and printing services to realtors and enterprise clients.  CEO Steve Damman attributes the company’s longevity and success to adhering to core principles: fairness, quality, integrity and commitment.

Let’s make a difference by serving others and keeping things simple. – Steve Damman


In B2B, expressing the values of a brand is often relegated to sales and marketing teams through “high touch” customer relationships.  In the spirit of pushing the industry forward, Quantum’s IT team realized that some of its customers’ preferences had moved, and in so doing their expectations had shifted.  Many of Quantum’s business customers were also buying custom Christmas cards online, and they were asking Quantum for clean, mobile-friendly shopping experiences as a markers of quality.  Quantum tasked us with reinventing the user interface on a testbed site,, in a manner that surfaced the company’s iconic “WOW guarantee” while delighting a new generation of customers.  For Quantum, extending the product line to multiple channels would be key to future growth.

Project goals

  • Advance the omnichannel brand promise to meet new customer expectations
  • Generate a beautiful, responsive user shopping experience
  • Integrate the system with a series of complex workflows


The project began with a series of stakeholder interviews, wherein our creative team teased out key user journeys and brand touchpoints.  Having reached consensus, our tech team moved forward on bringing the designs alive in the e-commerce environment.  The resulting elegance that stemmed from considering mobile first reflected Quantum’s vision beautifully: “keeping things simple”.

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