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The Project

Build a product that supports the delivery of streaming video over America’s top four mobile networks.


MobiTV is a media enablement business that works with content providers to further monetize their video content through streaming subscriptions.  At the time of our engagement, it was a point of pride that Mobi powered the native video apps for the top four mobile networks in the United States.  In an age when the video content delivery model is changing so fundamentally, and yet continues to be so critical to the fabric of modern society, Mobi sits squarely (and quietly) at the center of American culture.

We’re innovators who provide our customers an agile video platform that constantly adapts, is cost-effective, and is a complete end-to-end solution.


Mobi came to us to design a pricing engine for their digital media content that was flexible enough to fit their very unique requirements and adaptive enough to satisfy the needs of their dynamic marketing team.  The system was imagined as a fully headless interface, wherein other systems could check in during the content management workflow to determine current pricing based on product, customer, purchasing terms and promotions.  Clearly, scale would be a central challenge, as the system had to be architected to support millions of viewers.

Project goals

  • Design an agile system that could adapt to a changing market
  • Greatly extend the existing Magento API to satisfy highly unique business requirements
  • Integrate with DRM, CDN, ERP and other complex systems


The project was an exercise in pushing Magento’s already robust XML-RPC interface to its very limits.  We implemented middleware “listeners” that synchronized calls with external systems and developed completely new calls that represented Mobi’s specialized requirements.  Finally, we architected an infrastructure solution that was optimized to support the tremendous traffic expectations.

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