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The Project

Build a product that allows customers to design and purchase a custom jewelry online.

About Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott, eponymous brand of the Austin-based entrepreneur, has built a business on producing accessible jewelry that reflects the stylistic and charitable world view of its founder.  Born in 2002, the company opened its 50th store in 2016, spreading the message of “family, fashion and philanthropy” on an ever-growing national stage.

The truest form of success is to give back in a meaningful way. – Kendra Scott, Founder and CEO


Scaling personality across so many and online became, for Kendra, a matter of translating the brand promise into immersive experiences.  E-commerce and physical stores were elegant, beautiful experiences, but we needed more to create a memory.  The “color bar”, an in-store “desk” where associates could assemble customized designs in collaboration with customers, would prove key to the strategy.  In 2012, Kendra’s team asked us to translate the concept into a similarly elegant online, mobile-first experience, and then to bring it back to the store in digital form through large capacitive touch screens.

Project goals

  • Grow customer lifetime value by reinforcing brand values
  • Create a unique, highly customized product offering
  • Express the company’s commitment to innovation in a tangible way


The resulting product, both online and in-store, grew to drive significant revenue for the company, but perhaps just as important, it became a memorable touchpoint that customers associated with the brand.  A kind of renaissance, Kendra was able to message to a new generation of buyers that the feeling of connection is possible, not only in person, but also through a screen, and most importantly, when wearing a cherished piece of jewelry.

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