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The Project

Build a store that enables a new online sales channel for a traditionally high tough business.


With over 25 years in the business, Geoshack is America’s largest distributor of leveling, alignment, measurement, guidance and grade control solutions.  They are at the absolute forefront in innovation in a variety of industries, facilitating GPS automation and control of airborne survey drones and land-based heavy machinery.

We sell high technology, productivity tools that help our end user customers, both large and small, do their tasks in less time, with less material, with more accuracy meaning less rework. All of which means more money on their bottom lines.


The Geoshack team recognized that buying preferences were beginning to segment and that the change in market behavior represented both a risk and an opportunity.  While some of their client base preferred to be walked through the buying process by an expert consultant, other buyers preferred the convenience of online shopping, particularly when the transaction was a repeat purchase or a commodity item.  In the spirit of getting in front of this shift, Geoshack came to us to launch an ancillary brand focused on pure-play online fulfillment of commodity items.

Project goals

  • Launch a new sales channel that catered to changing buying preferences
  • Develop a system that facilitated negotiated price quotations
  • Don’t cannibalize the primary brand


The resulting product elegantly boosts the company’s online presence while creating efficiencies by automating aspects of the sales process.  The site is responsive and mobile-friendly to better serve the buying habits of the market segment that Geoshack identified, and it supports the enhanced negotiated pricing requirements that B2B customers have come to expect.  Geoshack represents a growing population of B2B companies that understand that they need to evolve while preserving the assets they have built over time.

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