Strategic Advisory

As solution partners to three major platforms and years of experience in delivering e-commerce solutions, we are able to bring a holistic view of both technical challenges and business trends to the strategic decision making process. Leverage our team of subject-area experts when considering a new initiative to synchronize resource planning with marketing, design with systems integration. Ensure that your goals are in line with your competitive landscape, that your systems are readied for new traffic profiles and the downstream systems are communicating in lock-step for final delivery.


Online retail customers are foremost human beings who crave unique, authentic experiences that convey a sense of belonging and express an aspirational purpose. We demand great products, but more than that we seek out brands that augment and provide nuance to our own identities. In an increasingly noisy marketplace, success in online retail is greatly determined by the manner in which customers feel touched by their shopping experiences.


Innovation across retail sectors, from eyewear to apparel, is being driven by customer expectations for uniquely personal products and services that go further than simply sharing the keys to the warehouse. As such, a deep understanding of the opportunities presented by emerging technologies is key to capturing the imaginations of sophisticated shoppers, both online and away from the screen. Taking e-commerce beyond the cart has been a key goal in many or our development engagements.

Systems Integration

An organization’s people are it’s key assets, and are most effectively leveraged by providing processes that remove roadblocks to their creativity. The value we provide by stitching together disparate business platforms is to unlock our clients’ human potential to focus on core businesses and, by proxy, provide an excellent end user experience.

Performance Optimization

Maintaining acceptable page load times (even during peak traffic) is a key component in converting users to customers. Given that site administrators generally have roughly 8 seconds to capture the attention of users before the initial impulse to abandon, site administrators must focus relentlessly on delivering up content as quickly as possible. Furthermore, preparing for traffic spikes is perhaps just as important, as site behavior can change drastically under load.

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