Desktops, tablets, mobile devices; these are just a few of our favorite playgrounds.

Welcome to your new home on the web. As soon as someone puts your URL into the search bar, we’ll make sure they are wowed by a sleek and easy to navigate page. We’ll create a strong web presence to make your business unforgettable.

Web Design

All of our web projects are custom tailored to our client’s needs and expectations with the goal of designing and developing a premiere website. While we strive to make each site visually appealing, we never lose sight of the fact that every site must be functional and easy to use.

Over the years we have remained on the forefront of web design and programming trends. From CSS to JavaScript, we have the technical know-how and design sensibility to make your organization shine.


Lehigh Valley IronPigs new uniform microsite.

Lehigh Valley IronPigs new uniform microsite.


Through the implementation of an open source Content Management System your beautiful, new website will give you the ability to update content and make changes to your site without any programming or coding knowledge. This helps you keep your site current and allow you to make important changes and updates on your own schedule.


What good is an amazing website if no one can find it? We help demystify the murky world of Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing. After performing keyword research and scoping out the top dogs in your industry, we’ll help you devise a strategic plan that helps you rank better and generate more leads.

Mobile Web

In today’s world, people are on the go. It’s more important than ever to deliver meaningful, relevant content no matter how your users access your information. We can build anything from a one-page mobile homepage with the basics (number, address, hours, etc.) to a full-on mobile site. We’ll help you think of how and why people will be accessing your information on the fly, and recommend the solution that fits your audience’s needs best.

Video for Web

Want to convey a lengthy message or tackle a complex subject in as few words as possible? Is “click to play” short enough? Online video has become one of the most powerful tools you can add to your website – captivating moving images and a quality script can say a lot more than 400 words of copy.

E-mail Marketing

Start taking advantage of a well-designed and strategically planned E-Mail Marketing campaign to drive traffic to your site. What’s even more amazing than people actually wanting to hear what you have to say is the information you’ll be able to collect and analyze behind the scenes.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In… Does your business participate in social media? More importantly, are you using the right outlets to reach your audience? We can help you create and maintain your social media presence, join the conversation, and lay out an easy to follow strategy to help you make meaningful interactions with your fans and followers.

Let’s get started! We’d love the opportunity to show you how Weidenhammer’s Creative Division would benefit your company’s marketing needs. To set up a free consultation email us or call 866.497.2227.