Solving Significant Problems

Statistics tell you everything and nothing at the same time.  Real-life experiences however, provide detailed insight into problems and the solutions necessary to fix them. Below are a few examples of how Weidenhammer’s Consulting Group solves significant problems.

Knowledge Management

A regional commercial bank had large amounts of information in the form of policies, procedures, training and product materials that were frequently updated and needed to be widely distributed. They were spending many hours copying updates, sending them by inter-office mail and having employees update their manuals. The solution was to design and create a corporate Intranet to host this information.

Technology Assessment

Weidenhammer’s Consulting Group provided a description of the current state of various areas with comparisons to industry best practices at Just Born, a family-owned candy manufacturer who employs nearly 600 people.  A variety of issues and opportunities were uncovered during the evaluation for further consideration:

Weidenhammer consulting was engaged to help bring Colonial Parking’s IT up to date with technology and to eliminate the repetitive manual tasks that were being performed to run the business. Weidenhammer performed an IT / Business assessment that would look at their IT process and what was needed to improve IT so it supported the objectives of the company set by the management staff. Learn more about the benefits they enjoyed below:

Business Continuity Planning

Investors Bank, operating over 100 branches across New Jersey and New York, required an updated Business Continuity Plan (BCP) due to new lines of business, departments and processes. Find out how the BCP plan evolved over time and how their needs were met:

Strategic Planning

A regional, privately-held manufacturing operation required a partner who could explain what infrastructure, security requirements, core ERP, product configuration and other specialized systems would be needed as the company continued to grow. Weidenhammer provided a thorough review and an extensive interview session that produced superior results.

Seeking additional senior level support, a key business unit within a six billion dollar bank sought to standardize a variety of processing procedures after several significant mergers. Find out how Weidenhammer facilitated an enterprise imaging system to solve this issue:

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