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  • Victaulic
  • Web App Development & Marketing
  • Easton, PA

Extreme Landing Page

Create a site that would instantly engage the user and tell the story of Victaulic’s products that are used in extreme conditions around the globe and to highlight case studies of those products. The team chose a large video and graphic approach, inspired by the vast and wild extremities that their products are used in, while integrating Victaulic’s branding to tell the story and lead the audience through the experience.

Mobile Landing Page

Design and develop a hub for all of Victaulic’s PWAs (progressive web apps) for use by company employees as well as outside customers/distributors. Flexibility and usability were key when designing the interface and the user experience.

VicFlex Application

Develop a versatile and state-of-the-art quoting tool paired with an easy-to-use product catalog. This project required a complex backend capable of generating unique SKU combinations based on user input.

QuickVic Campaign

Generate a digital marketing campaign for a new product to increase leads, foster education, and understand more detailed demographics of the defined audience, while creating engagement between the company and potential customer. The approach was to capture attention by using many types of digital ads (videos, static images, text, search), a landing page, and continued education of the product after the visitor filled out a form. By using existing imagery, the team developed concepts and expanded the story while adding automation, granular data reporting and new ideas to the mix.