BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-// TZID:America/New_York X-WR-TIMEZONE:America/New_York BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=America/New_York:20200507T083000 DTEND;TZID=America/New_York:20200507T163000 DTSTAMP:20200312T162514Z URL: SUMMARY:Philadelphia Cybersecurity Conference DESCRIPTION:Weidenhammer is excited to be Speaking sponsoring the Philadelp hia Cybersecurity Conference by Data Connectors.\n\nData Connectors has be en conducting Cybersecurity Conferences in 50 cities each year across the United States and Canada since 1999. Our one-day conferences feature a Key note  Speaker\, with an additional of 8 educational speaker sessions who will discuss the most recent cybersecurity threats and solutions\, a CISO panel discussion and 40 cybersecurity  exhibits. Attendees also have mult iples chances to win tech gadgets and gift cards from participating exhibi tors in the prize drawing before the Networking Happy Hour at the end of t he day. They will be leaving the event with the knowledge and tools to sec ure your organization’s information and network.\n\nFor more information and to register for this event click on the link below.\nRegistration and More Information\n \; CATEGORIES:Tradeshow END:VEVENT BEGIN:VTIMEZONE TZID:America/New_York X-LIC-LOCATION:America/New_York BEGIN:DAYLIGHT DTSTART:20200308T030000 TZOFFSETFROM:-0500 TZOFFSETTO:-0400 TZNAME:EDT END:DAYLIGHT END:VTIMEZONE END:VCALENDAR