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DRJ Spring 2020

A Clear Vision of Risk and Resiliency

Reduce downtime. Increase workplace safety. More secure data. Reduce overall risk. New skills. Latest technology. Lively discussions on the top issues.

What to Expect at DRJ Spring 2020

Learn about the tools, build the connections, and receive the education you need to ensure your business is prepared for any situation. Be confident you can reduce downtime, ensure workplace safety and protect data integrity. This kind of knowledge and first-hand experience can’t be gained from reading an article or watching a short 10-minute video. Get the instant access and contact with the real industry experts who can help you make the difference in your business. You’ve got an important job to do and we can give you the tools you need to do it successfully.

Weidenhammer’s Senior Consultant, Clark Urban, will be attending this year’s DRJ. If you are interested in attending let us know. We would love to set up a time to connect while we are both there.

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