Mission Statement

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Excited. Flexible. Complete.

These are more than just words, they are guiding philosophies that drive our business. Weidenhammer is dedicated to leading our clients through ever evolving challenges. Though we are known as information technology experts, we are so much more. We are developers, artists, consultants, network engineers, marketers. We are your partner.

Our team of professionals bring their excitement towards new technologies and how it fuels creativity. The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations. We are committed to creating solutions that are flexible to meet today’s demands for ever increasing scalability and believe in a strategic approach that provides results.

We have learned from our years of experience to become stronger as a company. Weidenhammer is your provider of complete business solutions.

About the New Brand

As a company we realized the need to elevate our brand and online presence.  We needed to create a new standard of consistency and position ourselves as leaders of industry.  Over the course of a year, more than 100 new logos were designed by a half dozen designers in our creative division. The goal wasn’t to present top designs to be voted on by committee.  Instead, we strived to find the right icon that would represent our brand moving forward but also pays homage to where we’ve been. The result was a design that was exciting, flexible, and complete. The slides below come directly from a presentation used to first reveal the new brand to the executive and leadership team.

Weidenhammer - Brand Concepts

Over 100 concepts were created.

Branding story of Weidenhammer.

An evolution of the brand.

Building the Weidenhammer logo.

Built with careful construction.

Weidenhammer brand colors.

The new expanded color palette.

Click here to watch the video reveal.

In conjunction with the logo development, a new web platform was developed to embrace the complicated world of device strategy while maintaining a user friendly interface.  The end result is the site you’re on now.  It has been optimized not only for your smart phone, but also for your living room TV and everything in between.

As we enter the next phase as a company, Weidenhammer remains committed to being proactive so that we may establish ourselves as an aspirational brand.