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Naming Conventions

Back in 2014, when Cumulus Consulting Group decided to rebrand, our teams sat down in many collaborative creative sessions to brainstorm new brand direction. After four weeks of scrawling ideas on a whiteboard, and seeing what URL’s were available, it came time to make a decision. The recommendation we made was for the name “Velaspan”, for several reasons: It was a previously meaningless word, which the company could give meaning to themselves. We broke it down to Vela,  representing the constellation in the southern sky, whose name is latin for “the sails of a ship”. Span means “the full extent of something from end to end”, or the amount of space that something occurs.

Velaspan is the evolution of Cumulus. From the clouds to the stars. It continued on in the journey for something new. New themes, new ideas, and a new narrative for the newly launched brand.

Visual Branding

velaspan logo

We began the logo design by outlining the star grid that makes up the constellation Vela. As this was the basis in our naming of the new brand, we felt this could be an excellent visual opportunity for the brand. The evolution of the logo creation really began when we connected the stars, highlighting geometric shapes to make an abstract outline of “V” and “S” signifying “Velaspan”. We kept the color palette cool to represent the sky, bringing in variations of blue to differentiate the abstract shapes. By going this route, we were able to pull shapes from the star grid and implement them into other graphic elements. One example of this is seen in the “shards” that we implemented into the website.

velaspan first client badge

Event Planning & Management

With our guidance, Velaspan hosted two events. First was “Evolve with Us” a branding reveal party, in which we created an interactive experience to reveal the new name and appearance of the brand, featuring an interactive scavenger hunt and an identity announcement video. The second was their “Wire Cutting”, an open house to celebrate the Velaspan relocation to downtown Allentown. Both events featured branded materials such as e-vites, save the dates, and event landing pages as well as visual curation and management.


Once the logo was in place, we incorporated it onto business cards, stadium advertisements, apparel, invites/e-vites, and van wraps. These materials were created to be distributed to clients and also to announce the shiny new brand.


The new site was designed with a clean, modern design approach. It features longer scrollable pages meant to tell the Velaspan story. Additionally, the site highlights subtle looping video for the hero image to inspire a feeling of movement and of energy. Some of the shard graphic elements that were pulled from the abstract geometric logo are implemented into the site through the tasteful use of parallax animations throughout the homepage. Our social media efforts are linked throughout the site in both the header and footer toolbars to create a constant cycle of brand and platform linking.


Through our unique, custom portraiture, we captured the Velaspan team and partners in their new office environment. By implementing this photography into the new website, and into employee’s social media accounts, we unified the brand’s appearance and streamlined brand culture.



Social Media Engagement

The focus of our social media efforts was on unification across all platforms- brand name, logo, color palette, and type-setting, as well as unified messaging. This was extended to employees pages, such as LinkedIn profiles, to strengthen the core messaging. We identified industry opportunities to create tags that would increase following, as well as increase legitimacy in the field.

We have the same heart and drive, but now an even stronger brand.

David Bond, Partner

A large focus of our efforts was on scheduling content in a social media dashboard which would allow us to create content in advanced and see which area and timeframe had gaps. This helped Velaspan to hone in on the three areas of content creation we suggested: Business Opportunities, Industry Trends, and Culture. This also allowed them to spontaneously post to fill in the gaps, or as opportunities presented themselves. Velaspan had a perfect opportunity to do so when a storm swept through the Lehigh Valley. The time-lapse of the funnel cloud that the Velaspan team put on their Facebook page went locally viral, becoming the perfect example of spontaneous social media success.

Velaspan advertisements

Marketing Training

Our engagement with Velaspan’s online marketing opened up an opportunity for us to teach the entire team how to hone in on social media for the company and how to unify their own profiles to meet the Velaspan team. We worked with the team to develop a Lunch & Learn teaching opportunity that got the whole office excited about the success we have seen in their rebranding across the board. It was an amazing opportunity for our team to visit the new office, and talk about these big ideas in a casual atmosphere.