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PharmaForce International
  • PharmaForce International
  • Consulting, Cloud, Networking, Hosting Services
  • Reading, PA


PharmaForce International was at a transition point in regard to IT and their business systems. 

  1. Their current in-house IT support person is retiring at the end of the year and their infrastructure was due for some upgrades.
  2. They needed to move to a more robust and agile infrastructure while increasing their overall security.
  3. The new infrastructure needed to provide a positive user experience to increase efficiency and productivity. PharmaForce’s systems were aging and not meeting their global business requirements.  They needed a solution to share and secure information over a global workforce.


PharmaForce came to Weidenhammer to provide the solutions to their challenges.  Weidenhammer provided consulting, networking, and hosting services for PharmaForce.

Weidenhammer put into action a solution that enabled their work force to work productively and securely in and out of the office. PharmaForce works extensively with global contractors for data analysis and this solution enabled the PharmaForce team to collaborate in a secure and efficient manner.

Weidenhammer implemented a migration to the Microsoft Cloud as the base infrastructure for the new environment. The project included purchase of O365 and Azure Subscription licensing and professional services for the migration of email, file services, Active Directory, and security to the Office 365 Cloud, as well as the deployment of a Meraki firewall to protect the internal Office network.


The goal was to upgrade PharmaForce International’s IT and business systems so that their team could work more efficiently and the company could continue to grow and meet future demands.

PharmaForce was happy with the results from engaging with Weidenhammer.  They measure results by having a stable infrastructure that supports ease of communication for office employees and their global workforce.  As they adapt more applications within the Microsoft O365 Suite, they will enhance ease of communication and sharing of critical business information.  Their revenue is created by the intelligence information they find and compile, so ease of communication will enhance productivity and increase profits.

PharmaForce has an ROI less than 1 year as they have already achieved results from the transition to a supported and collaborative infrastructure.