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Lancaster-Lebanon IU13
  • Lancaster-Lebanon IU13
  • Lancaster, PA

Client Overview

IU 13 serves the 22 public school districts in Lancaster and Lebanon counties, as well as students in nonpublic schools, preschoolers, and adult learners throughout Pennsylvania. Known for its expertise in Special Ed and Curriculum Instruction, IU13 wants to expand to be the Center- Point for “Technology Excellence” among PA Intermediate Units. How to exploit the Market place for opportunities to market “Private Cloud” services to Districts across Pennsylvania.

The report was very well done and it delivered a lot of value. I want to follow-up with the roadmap by tapping your expertise to DEFINE-BUILD-MEASURE and engage as a Partner for resources in ‘FEAST & famine’ times.

Paul Billy
Technology Services Director


Weidenhammer set out to solve this challenges in the following ways:

  • Establish a baseline for technology operations at IU13
  • Comment on the organization’s Strengths / Weaknesses / Improvements
  • Assess the different technologies in use and their implementation
  • Compare IU13 to industry Best Practices and its ability to build the Infrastructure, Policies and Procedures for the future
  • Determine the technologies and enhancements for efficiency & effectiveness
  • Develop the direction to adapt to that future environment

…IU13 wants to expand to be the Center- Point for “Technology Excellence” among PA Intermediate Units.


We were successful during our engagement with IU13 in several ways:

  • We established independently verified best practices and critiqued current solutions that can be used as selling points to IU13’s private cloud service clients, allowing our critique the ability to profitably extend those solutions to member Districts
  • Evaluate the offerings, the technologies used, the business processes employed and IT staff developing them, as well as identify pain points
  • Determining program profitability as well as setting up how and to whom to sell cloud services.
  • Examine effectiveness including IU13’s cloud pricing models and compare them to models of other cloud providers, reviewing project management methodologies and their ability to deliver in “cloudtime”, and reviewing administrative procedures
  • Define process improvements for support, operational activities, reporting analytics and Data Center Continuity-discuss Cloud economics and differentiators in the marketplace.