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Jersey City Public Schools
  • Jersey City Public Schools
  • Digital Strategy Assessment
  • Jersey City, New Jersey


Weidenhammer is a nationally recognized strategy, marketing, and technology consulting firm focused on driving measurable results in improved customer experience, workforce productivity, and operational efficiency. Possessing a wide range of consulting, design, development, and engineering expertise – along with “best in class” technologies, and strategic partnerships with industry-leading organizations, Weidenhammer has helped thousands of companies to innovate and succeed in a digital world.


Weidenhammer set out to solve this challenges in the following ways:

  • Establish a baseline for technology at JCPS
  • Critique the organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, and areas of Improvement
  • Assess the different technologies in use and in particular improvements necessary to support the new scheduling and reporting system
  • Compare JCPS to industry Best Practices and other large school districts
  • Determine enhancements for efficiency & effectiveness and describe a direction for JCPS to pursue in adapting to their future environment

JCPS has a large and complex technology infrastructure, worthy of most Enterprise configurations.


Our efforts were able to accomplish a myriad of goals, including:

  • Deliver an objective review of hardware, software, processes, and people involved in technology at JCPS, which examined the effectiveness of the chosen equipment for today and tomorrow.
  • Evaluate the underlying network architecture, assess the resiliency and outline changes necessary for more efficient operations, identifying pain points, areas needing action, issues impacting performance and opportunities for improvement.
  • Make Recommendations, supply technical assessment, and define process improvements
  • Address messaging challenges draining technical resources and describe best practices to use in the IT organization.
  • Provide a roadmap yielding greater integration, improved throughput, procedural enhancements, and tighter security.