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National Label
  • National Label
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Client Overview

Our client is the premiere printing and converting company in North America. Since their founding in 1918, this company has demonstrated a long and stable track record of developing and producing innovative labeling solutions for some of the most well-known consumer brands in the world. Our ability to solve the most difficult labeling problems is a direct result of our commitment to state-of-the-art technology.

It is my intention to have Weidenhammer support National Label and our new IT Director in the process. In fact, for the first week on the job I would want to convene a meeting to discuss how to move forward. We are excited about coming on aboard and getting this work underway. Thanks again for all your help.

Ted Kochanski


The company has benefited from the experience and capabilities of its in-house IT Director and staff. But as happens with every organization, staff eventually retire and new talent is required. With that comes the need to filter the wide range of candidates that apply for such positions and assess the skillsets of prospects with the business needs of our client.


We were able to meet this recruitment and filtering need by coming up with the following solution: to survey the marketplace for qualified IT leadership, which meet the wide range of criteria important to the organization.

Skills required

  • Manufacturing
  • IT experience on a Global scale
  • Vendor management
  • Communications in “management speak”
  • Knowledge and support of Industry Standards
  • Servers and virtualization
  • Development of IT solutions
  • ERP expertise
  • Familiarity and experience with Cloud computing
  • Technical competence in networking

Our ability to solve the most difficult labeling problems is a direct result of our commitment to state-of-the-art technology.


Through this process we were able to narrow down and select the required skills to fill the void. Through our evaluation of submitted resume, we were able to categorize and prioritize prospective candidates, refining the list down from 42 candidates to 8 – 10 worthy of phone interviews. Making recommendations to Senior level management, we were able to narrow the list down further, eventually assisting in the hiring decision by guiding the interviews and collaborating with Senior management on 2nd level interviews.