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Clover Farms
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The Business Challenge

Not unlike many organizations of their size, Clover Farms faced a unique challenge when it came to their Disaster Recovery plan.

They required a disaster recovery plan that would backup and replicate AS400 and Wintel server data. The challenge was to find a suitable replication method for the Wintel servers. It had to be simple to use, easy to implement, and provide a fast and efficient recovery time objective.

Their AS400 utilizes an EMC Data Domain and a 2nd AS400 system in the disaster recovery location which has been serving their needs for several years. Finding an appropriate solution for the Wintel systems was not easy. Clover Farms struggled with attempts to utilize other duplication platforms and configurations. Additionally, the proprietary nature of their production VMware hosts and virtual servers presented an additional challenge. Trying to implement a virtual server recovery solution with Data Domain was not a workable solution, and therefore, required additional research and testing. 

The Solution

Clover Farms engaged with Weidenhammer’s Consulting Group to assist in developing a strategy that provided a solution to their unique disaster recovery requirements. Starting with a Disaster Recovery Assessment, the Weidenhammer Consulting Group focused not only on their unique technical challenges, but included an assessment review of their business and operational requirements.

Upon completion of the assessment phase, Weidenhammer recommended Veeam’s Backup & Replication product. This solution allowed Clover Farms employees access to applications and data in the event of a disaster. This strategy allowed Clover Farms to meet two of their most significant IT needs: reduced risk of data loss and improved availability. The strategies and solution provided by the Weidenhammer Team and Veeam created a highly-available platform that has proven to be simple, cost effective, and reliable.

The Results

Upon completion of the project, Clover Farms conducted a series of tests to ensure success – testing has proved that Clover Farms has implemented a disaster recovery strategy that provides coverage for their complete infrastructure, with little-to-no changes in configuration and with recovery times measured in minutes, not hours or days. The Weidenhammer was also pleased with the overall performance of the Veeam Backup & Replication solution. From backup and recovery, to replication, Weidenhammer’s consultants wanted to ensure that this solution provided the recovery requirements while maintaining ease-of-use and limited application management needs.

Weidenhammer is a trusted VMWare and Veeam Solution Partner.