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Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Strategic Technology Assessment
  • Cleveland, OH

Client Overview

Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) provides educational environments for 41,000 students spread across 96 schools using 6,100 Instructional / non-Instructional staff supplying a wide range of specialized education. CMSD envisions 21st Century Schools of Choice where students will be challenged with a rigorous curriculum that considers the individual learning styles, program preferences and academic capabilities of each student, while utilizing the highest quality professional educators, administrators and support staff available.


CMSD was in the process of migrating to a new Financial Management and Human Resources / Payroll reporting system and wanted an independent assessment of their Information Technology deployments and whether there were improvements needed as part of that deployment. CMSD has a large and complex technology infrastructure with over 120 network nodes, worthy of most Enterprise configurations. With a totally new administrative computing environment, they questioned if that infrastructure was properly positioned to provide the best overall productivity within the budget constraints of the City of Cleveland.


Weidenhammer understands that developing an IT Strategy that works for you is key in reaching the goals of a 21st Century school. The solutions that we created to accomplish the goals that CMSD envisioned included:

  • Establishing a baseline for technology at CMSD
  • Critiquing the organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, and areas of improvement
  • Assessing the different technologies in use and in particular improvements necessary to support the new reporting system
  • Comparing CMSD to industry Best Practices and other large school districts
  • Determining enhancements for efficiency & effectiveness and describe a direction for CMSD to pursue in adapting to their future environment

Weidenhammer understands that developing an IT Strategy that works for you is key in reaching the goals of a 21st Century school.


During our engagement with CMSD we were able to:

  • Deliver an objective review of hardware, software, processes and people involved in technology at CMSD and examine the effectiveness of the equipment
  • Evaluate the underlying network architecture, assess the resiliency and outline changes necessary for more efficient operations
  • Critique the “Current State” of applications, technology deployments, business processes and IT staffing, including identifying pain points, areas needing action, issues impacting performance and opportunities for improvement.
  • “Triage” the areas into STRONG, EXAMINE, WEAK, with recommendations on what to do in each — supplying technical assessments of WAN,LAN, WiFi, Internet access and security, Server configurations, Network security and monitoring, Backups and archiving, Virtualization, Storage, Workstations, Applications, Messaging and Voice technologies.
  • Define process improvements for operational activities and Business Continuity and present alternatives for acquiring new server architecture for the new administrative software system.