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Berks Products
  • Berks Products
  • SQL Server Database
  • Leesport, PA


Berks Products Corporation maintained a number of computer aided manufacturing (CAM) reports that were generated as part of a scheduled job from their Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

This system was not easy to report from. Berks Products Corporation wished to enhance and expand upon their reporting and analysis, as well as implement a more robust and complete analytical reporting mechanism internally by:

  • Standardize a consistent path and technology for internal reporting throughout the company.
  • Consolidating data that resides in various systems / tables in an effort to harness full analytical reporting capabilities realized from the implementation of a data warehouse solution.
  • Maintaining one consistent means for users to access reports.

Network Computer Cabinets in Data Center


Weidenhammer developed a structured data warehouse solution containing: 

  • SQL Server data warehouse database.
  • SQL Server Analysis Services OLAP cube for reporting analytics.
  • A set of scheduled SQL Server Integration Services packages for facilitating all data refreshes from the source Microsoft Dynamics GP system.
  • A set of structured SQL Server Reporting Services reports that would be deployed and scheduled within the client’s SharePoint portal.
  • A set of Excel templates over the deployed cube to help end users understand how to perform ad-hoc analytics. 

Berks Products Corporation maintained a number of “CAM” reports that were generated as part of a scheduled job from their Microsoft Dynamics GP system. 


Thanks to Weidenhammer’s application solution, identified end users (such as controllers and executives) are now able to run reports on demand, make new versions of business analysis reports without IT assistance, and have better ability to share various reporting among team members and in presentations. 

Data that was not easily reported on in the past is now visible, giving the corporate decision makers views to metrics not previously realized.