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Three Great Keyword Research Ideas for SEO and PPC

Finding the right keywords to target is an important part of any brand’s search marketing strategy. Whether you’re focused on SEO, or PPC, finding keywords...

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How an SEO Specialist can Help You Grow Organic Traffic

What can an SEO specialist do to help? How can they bring value to your organization? SEO specialists can bring value to your organization in...

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Is WordPress Good for SEO?

If you’re new to WordPress, or switching to WordPress from a different Content Management System (CMS), you might be asking yourself: Is WordPress good for...

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2019 Google BERT Update

What You Need to Know I admit it - I’m a keyword-based, shortcut, acronym, I’m-smarter-than-Google kind of Internet user. For years now my searches have...

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301 Redirect Strategy – The Basics

Protect SEO Value with a 301 Redirect Strategy It is essential to have a solid 301 redirect strategy in place anytime your site is redesigned,...

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2018 SEO Trends

There is a lot going on right now in the world of SEO. What you’ll notice, if you look at it from a high level,...

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Google and SEO in 2018

Boost SEO and Shrink Your Ad Cost! You can increase your revenue, strengthen your SEO, grow your brand, and lower your PPC ad cost, and...

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Digital Marketing SEO Series: So…How Does Google Rank All Those Websites?

In the first post of our digital marketing SEO series, we discussed how Google processes search terms and how that changed with Google’s Fred update. Now, let’s...

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